• The Amazing Work Done by Michael A. Civin, Ph.D.

  • Posted on May 23, 2018
  • Michael A. Civin, Ph.D. has always considered education to be a critical aspect of any psychologist’s practice. He has always considered that to be the case, and he is nearly 30 years into his career in that profession. At various times, throughout his career, he has spent considerable time in academia, as a full professor, an associate professor, and as a faculty member in several schools. His scholarly articles have been published in medical journals and as chapters in very important books on psychology.

    Michael A. Civin, Ph.D.

    Currently, Michael A. Civin, Ph.D. serves as a working clinical psychologist who has compiled a lot of experience in his nearly three decades as in practice. He is currently a senior psychologist at Rose Hill Psychological Services, which he co-founded back in 2007 to provide underserved areas with affordable psychological services. While he primarily works from Rose Hill, he also runs a private practice in other parts of New York City, including Manhattan, Astoria, and Bayville.

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